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14254electric free radical

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  • Thaddeus Block
    Jun 15, 2012
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      Hi there,
      I am just in process of electrifying a big dummy.
      I decided against the bionX system as I felt it was pretty expensive for what you get.  I'm sure its a good reliable system but I wanted more bang for the buck.
      I ordered, but have not yet received, a front hub motor system from Doug at www.gocarlite.com who is in the bay area.  The wheel is made by www.ampedbikes.com, and is a pretty good price and gets good reviews.  It is a geared hub motor, vs direct drive.  direct drive has continual small resistance when pedaling which I found unappealing.  also direct drive hub motors are insanely heavy. 
      The system I'm looking at is a 48V lifepo4 high end battery pack with more than 1Ah charge, a controller, two chargers (one for home and one for work) thumb throttle, and front wheel (26") with geared hub motor for about 1k.  I like the system because it is adaptable and doesn't require you to purchase a branded product.
      hope that helps.