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14190Re: New LSD NIMH Batteries

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  • Rich W
    May 11, 2012
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      The big disadvantage of lead acid technology batteries, including SLA versions historically, has been loss of capacity or outright failure if deeply discharged, particularly if left discharged for even a short period. Golf cart batteries and some others have special construction to minimize failure if deep discharged but it is still not good for them per my understanding.

      This has generally meant using a lead acid battery with at least twice the capacity of the normal discharge level which adds a lot of weight as lead is not light weight. Overall per what I have read lead acid batteries require a lot of TLC for optimum life.

      Rich Wood

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      > I like 1500 recharges. Both my xtracycle and recumbent trike have 12 volt lighting systems and currently use sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries which can be recharged many hundreds of times. I'm looking at when the batteries need replaced going over to 12 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries: less weight, no corrosive acids, 2000 to 3000 recharge cycles.
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      > > For those who use bike lighting or other electronics which uses AA or AAA NIMH batteries Sanyo has some improved versions of their low self discharge Eneloop NIMH batteries on the market. In the Eneloop line they now have Eneloop 1500 series batteries which are claimed to retain 75% of full charge for 3 years after a full charge. They are also listed as rechargeable 1500 times, thus the 1500 in the name. Available in AA and AAA. I found them on Amazon. The AA versions claim a capacity of 2000 MAH and by reputation the Sanyo cells are conservatively rated.
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      > > There is also now an Eneloop XX high capacity AA version which claims a capacity of 2500 MAH. Quicker self discharge at a 75% charge retention for a year but the additional capacity may be useful. Also available from Amazon if not available locally.
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      > > Rich Wood
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