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14146Re: [rootsradicals] Tagalongs (was Re: Cheap Stoker Conversion For Dummy)

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  • gear.head@verizon.net
    Apr 11, 2012
    The best route is probably the burly piccolo. It is a rack based tag-a-long. You may have to do some tweaking to make it work. For the best nap worthy option, the wee-ride is awesome. Plus you can talk to them since they are up front. See picture.
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    Subject: [rootsradicals] Tagalongs (was Re: Cheap Stoker Conversion For Dummy)


    The discussion regarding ways to carry kids has talked a bit about the ability to carry them while napping.

    When my kid gets a bit bigger and can talk, I like the idea of transitioning her to some sort of tag-along type device so she can pedal too.

    However, I have two concerns:

    * How does one affix a tagalong to a cargo bike?

    * If we're going longer distances or a there-and-back ride and the kid wants to sleep, how do I keep them from falling off?

    I think this might address the second issue (http://www.rei.com/product/808195/weehoo-i-go-trailer-bike) with its more recumbent-seat position and straps on the pedals for the feet.

    Does anyone have experience handling the first problem?

    The only other concern I have is concerns regarding the low-slung behind-my-bike profile and wondering if auto drivers are more likely to hit her.  More horror than concern really.

    Anyway, I'm thinking one or two of these to address that:

    Not so aerodynamic, but pretty and visible...

    - phaedrus
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