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14117Re: Cheap Stoker Conversion For Dummy

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  • Toby Sheppard Bloch
    Apr 10, 2012
      No worries Sean--I've got my 3.5 year old sitting an a children's lawn chair that I have band-clamped to the xtracycle. No straps, just a helmet.

      My previous seat for her (a Wee Ride) had straps, but they weren't snug and the harness had a way of working loose. I called the company and they told me it was supposed to be that way--the straps were to keep her from leaving the seat on her own, but not intended to keep her attached to the bike in a crash, which makes alot of sense to me. I'm looking to add a stoker for her, but it is remarkably good without one--good enough for my casual biking wife to be comfortable commuting with it (and the little one) in NYC.

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