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14103Cheap Stoker Conversion For Dummy

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  • Sean Mackin
    Apr 8, 2012
    DIY Stoker Bar Conversion,

      So I have been hauling my 3 year old daughter around on the back of my Dummy for a few months (her mom was nervous she would fall off). I have been throwing a strap around her waist to the snap deck and having her hold a strap slung under the seat. The reason for the make shift set up was I was too cheap to buy a stoker stem. Xtracycle website has them for $55 and Ebay was not much better for just the stem. Then I had a brainstorm, not sure what took me so long. Anyway, I figured a cheap way around this would be to get a shim that would allow me to use a regular 1 1/8" stem out of my bike parts box that would fit my seat post. So I looked on Ebay and found a shim for a seat post for putting a 27.2 seat post in a 28.6 frame for less than $5 including shipping. I have included some pictures.


    Picture 1. Stem out of my parts bin and seat shim
    Picture 2. Stem and shim test fit together (note: cut excess from bottom before fitting).
    Picture 3. How finished stoker bar looks. I had the bars and grips in my part collection. So I was able to do this whole conversion for $5 vs. $55. If you are curious I take the blinkie off when she is riding.
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