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14080Re: [rootsradicals] rear wheel?

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  • gear.head@verizon.net
    Mar 18, 2012
      There is a few ways to go and they all revolve around how much you want to spend. Here are the three ways I would go:

      1. Hunt around online for some discontinued or close out wheels. Nashbar, Jensen and Performance always have something on sale. May not be the best but will be the most economical.

      2. Build the wheel yourself. You might be able to use your old hub if it was decent. Spokes are relatively cheap and you can find NOS hoops on Ebay cheap. This will be the most rewarding route by far. It really is not that hard. Look at Sheldon Brown and some Youtube videos. I just did it myself for the first time it was actually very easy.

      3. Have a wheel built. You will be happy from day one because it will be built correctly and for your application. The price can vary greatly but expect it to be a $100+ and can be much more if you really want something special.

      Good luck and let us know what you do.

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      Folks, I have a several year old Trek 4300 as the base for my X. Over the last year or so, I've popped at least 3 spokes on the rear wheel. My LBS owner (who sold me the Trek and assembled the X) tells me it's because the stock spokes are inferior and he recommends I get a new rear wheel with stronger rim and spokes. As I'm fairly ignorant about buying wheels, I could use recommendations for a strong wheel that won't break my bank account. I only rarely carry more than 100 lbs on it (child plus groceries), but commute about 5 miles round trip through all kinds of weather and over rural RR track crossings (3 tracks with a good deal of "bump" to each track).

      Thanks in advance,

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