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13967Re: [rootsradicals] Tires for Big Dummy

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  • rltilley@gmail.com
    Feb 6, 2012
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      I'm happy with the stock Contis on the Dummy since I care more about flat resistance than ride quality. I've used Big Apples on other bikes and think that are great tires. I didn't have enough time on them to get an idea of how they are as far as flat resistance goes.

      On a touring list I am on a high mileage tourer just had a really bad experience with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. Truck tire wires were the culprit. Apparently the Marathons do a poor job of keeping them out. Not sure if he had the Kevlar version or not.

      Robert Tilley
      San Diego, CA

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      Who can give me some advice on tires for the Big Dummy? I ride about 15 miles daily, mainly hard gravel and city streets. I have no car so I often carry loads as well. I have Continental Town & Country tires on the bike right now and I like them quite a bit.

      I do have 2 problems:
      1) On a monthly basis I have a flat tire because of glass etc and am therefore considering the Marathon Plus from Schwalbe. Anybody using that tire?
      2) I'm frequently riding on snow and ice right now now and fell twice already :( If I can't get a good allrounder with a better grip in those conditions, does anybody have advice on good winter tires?

      I have heard a lot of people using the Big Apple tires on their dummy. What are the advatages of that tire?


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