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13966Re: [rootsradicals] Tires for Big Dummy

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  • David Chase
    Feb 6, 2012
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      Jeez, questions for me.

      Big Apples have low rolling resistance, are light for their size, have a kevlar belt that stops a lot of punctures, though not all.
      They're fun tires.

      Studded snow tires (I have some, they've been almost useless this winter around here) are good on ice.
      In my opinion, your best bet is probably Nokian W106, front and rear.
      You can get them from http://peterwhitecycles.com/studdedtires.asp , especially if you are in the New England area.

      Another good choice is the Nokian W240.
      DO NOT get the Schwalbe Snow Stud for the front; it's okay for the rear.
      W106 gets you the most bang for your buck; snow tires aren't cheap.

      No matter what snow tire you get, you'll find that they are loud on pavement, and a lot more rolling resistance.
      I keep checking the weather here, wondering if we are going to completely miss all the snow and ice this winter, in which case, off mine will come.


      On 2012-02-06, at 11:43 AM, polarbear1101 wrote:

      > Who can give me some advice on tires for the Big Dummy? I ride about 15 miles daily, mainly hard gravel and city streets. I have no car so I often carry loads as well. I have Continental Town & Country tires on the bike right now and I like them quite a bit.
      > I do have 2 problems:
      > 1) On a monthly basis I have a flat tire because of glass etc and am therefore considering the Marathon Plus from Schwalbe. Anybody using that tire?
      > 2) I'm frequently riding on snow and ice right now now and fell twice already :( If I can't get a good allrounder with a better grip in those conditions, does anybody have advice on good winter tires?
      > I have heard a lot of people using the Big Apple tires on their dummy. What are the advatages of that tire?
      > Thanks!
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