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13923Re: Bakery delivery bike - advice sought.

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  • anthonyeberger
    Jan 6, 2012
      I checked out a Torker at my LBS and it looked like it would fit a Xtra frame nicely. It's the Big T model but it used to be called something else and came with a 3-speed IGH.

      The frame is seriously beefy, easy to get on, and looks like it will take some fairly wide tires.

      The real question though is what is your budget? Cargo bikes can run the gambit when it comes to price.

      I'm looking forward to other responses as I think this is an untapped biz opportunity.

      Tony B.
      Riverwest WI

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "DouglasS" <doug.shaker@...> wrote:
      > Introduction: I am a bike nerd in Palo Alto, California, with a herd of three active bikes maybe a half-dozen frames in progress, another half-dozen bikes built for my immediate family and another half-dozen bikes built for friends. One of my three active bikes is an Xtracycle FreeRadical on a old cross bike frame.
      > Project at hand: My wife's childhood friend has a daughter that runs a vegan bakery. Said daughter wants to delivery bakery products by bike. Most of the bakery products will be in 10" x 10" x 4" boxes or
      > 10" x 14" x 4" boxes. I have volunteered to build the bike and the cargo container that accepts the bakery boxes.
      > Current plan: Somewhat vague, but I plan to get some sort of step-through frame, maybe a women's mountain bike, with 26" wheels, and build it up with the fattest tires I can fit under fenders. Mate it to a FreeRadical and then build a plywood structure on the back that will hold bakery boxes. Put doors on the plywood structure to keep the bakery boxes in place and to prevent casual theft. Use a Kickback or something like to hold the bike upright.
      > So. I am new to this group, but I am told it is the go-to resource for projects like this. Anyone have any advice, prejudices, ideas, doctrine, resources or plain out-and-out mania to contribute to my design?
      > -Doug Shaker
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