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13922Re: Bakery delivery bike - advice sought.

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  • Troy
    Jan 6, 2012
      Plywood seems like it would be heavy unless you're going to put some cash out for some really nice, high-ply, thin sheets. Coroplast is a material that is cheap, light, and relatively strong and can be fairly attractive if some thought is put into the design. You could even have graphics or logo painted on or with a vinyl graphics (i guess that goes for most any material choice).

      Just brainstorming here... another option would be a tube frame structure with canvas or other heavy cloth strung between the tubes to create the walls and shelves. That would be very light. Probably fairly difficult to do well, it would involve some good sewing skills.

      Maybe use nice plywood for the exterior and then coroplast or other cheaper material for interior dividers and shelves?

      Sounds like a fun project. What is your budget? Are you donating this, or is the bakery buying it and willing to pay for a good base frame and quality build?
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