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13915Re: [rootsradicals] Eliminate tensioner?

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  • TeamJT
    Jan 2, 2012
    I'm running a Nuvinci and had a good time figuring out how to deal with chain tension.  My goal was to get the thensioner away from the dropout so that I didn't have to deal with it when I was changing flats.

    Here's a photo of my idler.  I made it from an old skateboard wheel mounted to a steel angle, and strapped to my Dummy with a hose clamp.  It's a bit crude, but it does the job.  When I changed my chain I ended up one link shorter and found that it is almost a magic gear so I'm not relying on the idler as much as I was before.  I don't have a kickback, but when I had my old chain on it seemed to push the chain low enough that it would have cleared it.

    My original plan was to have both the active and return chain going above the tube with my idler pushing up on the return.  Since I'm running a small chainwheel the two chains rubbed when it was routed that way, so I went back to having it go below.  I didnt' want to lose efficiency by moving my active chain out of a straight path.

    I don't know if this will be any help, but I hope it is.  I have a side stand right now, and I will probably be getting a kickback before too long.

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    I just replaced the jockey wheels on the Rohloff tensioner on my Big Dummy. They were really beaten to death; one of them was almost round. https://picasaweb.google.com/daviddannenberg1/JockeyWheels#5692727747568397858

    I am running a Rohloff which is wonderful as it is essentially maintenance-free. I ride on a dirt road that variously coats the entire bike with dry rough silt, mud, half-decayed leaves, water, mud, ice. Derailleur drivetrains turn to junk fairly quickly under those conditions, wearing, going out of adjustment, sticking. The Rohloff and heavy chain eliminate most of this problem, but the system requires a tensioner and the tensioner accumulates beaucoup crud. 

    I would switch to an eccentric bottom bracket and eliminate the tensioner, but then the chain would not clear the kick-back when the latter is in the folded position. I could get a Rolling Jackass kickstand, but they are pricey and look like they hang down lower than the Kickback. I love the Kickback--simple and works great. 

    Anyone out there have any suggestions for getting around this problem? 

    I am half considering routing the chain above the Kickback completely with mounted guides on the seat tube, but would that make for any less friction and crud accumulation than the tensioner? I guess they would be more accessible for cleaning than the tensioner that is located way under the Freeloaders but also perhaps more likely to expose body parts to the filthy chain.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    David Dannenberg
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