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13891Re: [rootsradicals] Marrying old and new freeloaders

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  • Pete B
    Dec 20, 2011
      Can you take the buckle sets off the old Freeloader and thread them onto the new one? Or are the straps different widths?

      If the old buckles are broken, consider ordering a new set of Freeloader replacement Buckles and fit them to the old Freeloader.

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      On 21 December 2011 08:45, robbie_thek@... <ansi41man@...> wrote:

      Another incompatibility has come up as I try to make use of a used 2002 XC Free Radical and Freeloaders. One Freeloader came to me without a Sidewinder (old optional band to keep things from falling out the back) so I followed XC's advice and bought a new Freeloader for that side. Now I find that XC changed the buckles that are used on the top straps and I can't cross-strap my loads. Has anybody figured out a way to modify the buckles so that the old and new buckles will cross-connect? Thanks in advance.

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