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1385RE: [rootsradicals] Re: power assist!

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  • velodog@talkamerica.net
    Aug 3, 2007
      Yes, slightly better because the pivoting point is ahead of the rear wheel for
      the most part. That would greatly reduce the tendency to jack knife. However,
      there would still be a thrusting action above the center of gravity that would
      work against your attempts to turn the bike, tending to make it "high side".
      I know this for a fact as I have a trailer called the Alley Cat that is
      essentially like this, but does not have a provision for a child rider. Rather,
      it has a rack that runs the length of the main tube. I tried it on a tour and
      found it to be unwieldly because of the the previously stated problem when
      turning while slowing down, the inertia would push me towards the outside of
      the turn.
      Another troublem is that it had a high moment of inertia above the axle line of
      the bike, causing a lateral instability that was quite annoying when
      accelerating or climbing and unnerving when going downhill. That is why I use
      my B.o.B. trailer so much, and looking forward to putting my X together soon!!
      I just have to complete the drivetrain. I know the rider type of trailers are
      very popular, but I've only seen parents riding slowly in the neighborhoods so
      maybe that's the appropriate application for these.
      First time doing the blog thing, what a great resource!! Thanks, Greg

      Quoting Cathode Ray <ray@...>:

      > At 9:58 AM -0400 2/8/07, Mighk Wilson wrote:
      > >Perhaps someone could design a motorized single-wheel trailer that
      > >pushes the bike?
      > Staton Inc makes a motor kit called the pusher, see
      > http://staton-inc.com/Details.asp?ProductID=2729
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