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13777Re: Looking for 22" (XL) Big Dummy frameset

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  • sh8knj8kster
    Nov 2, 2011
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Adam Kimball <adamfkimball@...> wrote:
      > Going to bite the bullet and see if a larger frame will solve my geometry
      > problems I have with my 20" BD. If you have one - used or new, and want to
      > sell it - let me know. If you have a 22" and want a 20" - maybe we can
      > trade.
      > I'd also like to hear from anyone who has been unable to get a BD to "fit"
      > properly and have gone a different route. I've been considering getting
      > something like a Long Haul Trucker (in 61" or slightly bigger) and putting
      > a free radical on it. But the 700c tire width limitations makes me rethink
      > this. I love this bike, it just doesn't love me back so much.
      > -Adam

      ~~~Adam, I'm riding an LHT with an X-Kit...pics/verbiage here-


      You'll also notice I installed a 26" rear wheel in an original X-frame but the donor bike was eventually sold so I'm back to pedalling with a 700 rear wheel, At the time of trying a 26" wheel in the X frame, I thought I would have problems with the crank arms striking tarmac what with the already low BB height in the LHT frame but I found my worries were imaginary

      In regards to tire selection with a 700 wheel in the X frame, the 38mm tire that came stock on my LHT fits and that's it...no room for a larger tire size but I thought the newer X frames were built so you could run a 700 out back with fat tires. someone else will have to comment on this as I haven't kept abreast of the changes but I can say with surety, the original X concept was designed around a 26" wheel...it just so happened that a 700 wheel would fit so the manufacturer built and sold X frames with brake posts that could accomadate 700 wheels, but that design limits tire selection to 38mm using a 700 wheel. That said, I've hauled some heavy loads and have never expereinced tire troubles rolling with my 38mm tire,. which attribute to keeping my tires properly aired

      I used a wider Schwalbe tire in the 26" wheel (big apple) and run with a 700 big apple in the front currently. sort of a mishmash but it works=:-) I like the wider tire up front...in my mind, the wider front tire is cushier offering more give to lend my hands on the drop bars some relief. I don't think this is imaginary. The gains are small but they are there

      good luck with getting the right frame whatever you end up with. I could use one size larger frame but I am making do with what I have


      Reddick Fla.
      Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while...

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