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13768Re: recovering from accident, seeking advice

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  • TIM_H
    Oct 28, 2011
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      Check out this video of cargo bikes in the US.You can see all the different bikes and people.I think you will enjoy it.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "nancyh434" <nhurrelbrinck@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > My name is Nancy, and I live in central Virginia. I got my Big Dummy about a month ago (with a Bionx assist on it -- I live in a hilly town and want to transport my kids on the bike). I've been training by riding around town with 80 lbs in the panniers. Almost two weeks ago, I was practicing on a pair of hills near my kids' school -- a steep down followed by a steep up, went too fast, and the front wheel just lifted off the ground (the battery adds another 25 lbs, with all of the weight in the back). I was lucky in many ways and am recovering okay.
      > But... I'm concerned that I may not be strong enough to handle the bike safely with my kids on it (collectively 85 lbs). The electric can help me get them up hills, but starting on a hill (as is often necessary where I live) is not easy with weight on the bike. I am 5'4" and 140 lbs, in fairly good shape (run, bike, swim, lift weights), but I'm worried that I'm simply not heavy/strong enough to keep the bike balanced with kids on the rack in a variety of situations. (I did order some wide loaders to slow things down, in the event of a fall; and obviously I won't by going so fast again.)
      > I would love to hear from women or small men who ride with 2 kids on the back. My current plan is one big stoker bar they both hold onto with them sitting close to each other, a crazy creek seat under both/behind the second child (they're both 4.5 y.o.). How did you go about learning to ride safely with your kids on there?
      > Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
      > happy riding,
      > Nancy
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