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13735Re: [rootsradicals] Re: recovering from accident, seeking advice

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  • laughter medicine
    Oct 17, 2011
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      My Pleasure.  True Longtails are the safest ride out.  I used to be a crasher on short bikes.   I go faster than ever now.  Before long tails i had my kids on their own bikes. By ages 7 and 10, we rode everywhere together, with the eldest out front and the youngest in the middle.  That was wonderful times. 

      On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 1:36 PM, nancyh434 <nhurrelbrinck@...> wrote:

      Wow, what great responses. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to get encouragement and advice from folks who know what it's like to ride a longtail. It sounds like training a lot before riding with the kids is what I need to do. I am so at ease on my other bike that I expected to pick this up immediately, but it *is* a different experience.*

      David, thanks for telling me about your wife and kids' accident; it helps to hear that this kind of thing happens and people get over it and carry on.

      laughter medicine, it's great to hear that you started at over 50 (I'm 49), and that you've been touring with 125 lbs on the bike. I like the idea of a safety check list; thanks for that.

      Joel, hurrah for you for toting your woodcraft business on your bike. That's great. Thanks for pointing out that it was lack of experience that caused my accident, not an inability to control the bike. It's helpful to be reminded of that.

      Sean, that's a great idea to do figure 8's in a school parking lot; thank you. I'm glad your kids are enjoying bikes (and I'm not surprised your oldest talks about that crash -- my 4 y.o. twins love hearing about Daddy's bike crash). Your 12 ft tandem-trailer set-up makes riding an xtracycle seem pretty simple.

      Bruce, thanks for your thoughts on the bakfiets; they do look like great bikes (but my kids are big and getting bigger).

      Steve, thanks for your response re bakfiets, and your encouragement; you're right -- I just need more time on the bike.

      Matthew, thanks for noting that weight in the panniers can be more destabilizing than having passengers on the rack; this makes sense to me. The bionx battery is on a little platform my LBS built in front of the xtracycle racks (it wouldn't fit in the front rear triangle, b/c my bike is 16"). So it is a little high, but way forward of the rear axle, unlike in the Trek Transport+ -- a wheelie waiting to happen.

      Rich, thanks for emphasizing the need to keep the weight forward of the rear axle. I'll have my kids riding right next to each other on the front of the rack, sharing a swept-back stoker bar.

      Cara, thanks for summing up everyone's advice, and for suggesting putting a basket with some weight in it on the front; that's a great idea.

      Tim, thanks for mentioning the need to have the right tire tread and keep tires inflated; good advice. And for championing trikes (did you know there's a recumbent trike that takes a longtail kit?).

      Denise, thanks for emphasizing that balance is more of an issue than strength. I have a new respect for well-loaded, cinched down panniers.

      Edmund, thanks for emphasizing where the kids need to ride for good balance; it helps a lot to hear from someone who's doing it.

      Again, thanks everyone so much for your input; it's been wonderful to hear from you. I went on my first ride since my wreck this morning, and it felt great.

      all the best to all of you,

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