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13731Re: [rootsradicals] Re: recovering from accident, seeking advice

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  • Denise E K Martin
    Oct 15, 2011
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      This shouldn't be about being super strong, it should be about good load balance. Sounds like you just have too much weight behind the back axle. Your kids' weight and the weight of other loads (the assist, panniers, etc.) should all be between the axles. If it's not, it's dangerous. Period.  

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      On Oct 15, 2011, at 7:31, TIM_H <tim_h_49068@...> wrote:


      Another thing is to make sure you have the proper tire tread and the tires are properly inflated.As far as a longtail vs bakfiet,well being online quickly shows you both bikes are very capable for hauling kids.I mean there are plenty of parents with each bike happily hauling their kids to and fro.The most important thing in my opinion to do to avoid accidents is to simply go slow when in turns or hairy situations.Going slow when needed will avoid accidents.

      Lastly if we want to be technical one type of bike that does add more stability is the 3-wheel bakfiets.Any tri wheel will always beat a bi wheel vehicle for tipping,falling,slide-outs etc.It's just physics.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "nancyh434" <nhurrelbrinck@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > My name is Nancy, and I live in central Virginia. I got my Big Dummy about a month ago (with a Bionx assist on it -- I live in a hilly town and want to transport my kids on the bike). I've been training by riding around town with 80 lbs in the panniers. Almost two weeks ago, I was practicing on a pair of hills near my kids' school -- a steep down followed by a steep up, went too fast, and the front wheel just lifted off the ground (the battery adds another 25 lbs, with all of the weight in the back). I was lucky in many ways and am recovering okay.
      > But... I'm concerned that I may not be strong enough to handle the bike safely with my kids on it (collectively 85 lbs). The electric can help me get them up hills, but starting on a hill (as is often necessary where I live) is not easy with weight on the bike. I am 5'4" and 140 lbs, in fairly good shape (run, bike, swim, lift weights), but I'm worried that I'm simply not heavy/strong enough to keep the bike balanced with kids on the rack in a variety of situations. (I did order some wide loaders to slow things down, in the event of a fall; and obviously I won't by going so fast again.)
      > I would love to hear from women or small men who ride with 2 kids on the back. My current plan is one big stoker bar they both hold onto with them sitting close to each other, a crazy creek seat under both/behind the second child (they're both 4.5 y.o.). How did you go about learning to ride safely with your kids on there?
      > Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
      > happy riding,
      > Nancy

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