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13610RE: [rootsradicals] hitch pins? / dog carriers

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  • Tone
    Aug 13, 2011
      I have both wide loaders and V-racks. They are not sitting in front of me
      right now, but I am pretty sure they are not the same shape. If they are,
      then I would be surprised I never realized it, but from an
      interchangeability perspective that would be better as an initial design
      concept. I think the wide loaders are wider toward their front then they
      are in back for maneuverability reasons while riding/turning. I believe
      if you tried to put the wide loaders into the V-rack mounts the
      wide-loader would therefore result in a non-level snap-deck platform,
      which a passenger could potentially slide off toward the back when
      sitting on.
      You are right about the wide loaders having quick clip buttons inside
      while the V-racks do not. However, I bought my wide loaders years ago
      when Xtracycle was much newer, so my wide loaders do not even have the
      drilled holes or button-clips. I suppose I could have drilled the holes
      and bought my own button-clips, but it was never a problem for me. I
      simply ran the freeloaders under and around to the outside of the wide
      loaders, which created a fabric platform for my load. Of course, this was
      even before Xtracycle developed the wide loader slings. Eventually I got
      those for my wide loaders and I did not have to wrap my free loaders
      under and around the wide loaders. That is because the wide loader slings
      actually hold the wide loaders in from sliding out because they have two
      Velcro straps to attach to the Xtracycle or long-tail bike frame.

      I hope that answers your questions. I am curious what your ideas for
      using hitch pins involved. I guess I just can not imagine really needing
      them because of how versatile the Xtracycle system already is. By the
      way, considering you are thinking about building your own dog carrier I
      figured you might be interested in a nice one I already built for my dog.
      I have a folder on my online server with several photos (most close up
      technical shots), a couple of scaled diagrams, and an instructional DIY
      text. It is all here:
      You should note that my dog is a Border Collie/Lab mix puppy, who I do
      not believe will ever reach above 50 pounds. At almost 45 pounds I
      certainly notice when she is on board, but she has gotten pretty good
      about sitting still. When I first built the dog chariot for my Big Dummy
      she was only about three months old and well under thirty pounds. I do
      not really recommend considering a one-sided dog platform for a dog much
      over sixty pounds. As it is, when I carry her on the right side of the
      bike, I make sure to load all my gear, tools, and 3’ long kryptonite NY
      chain-lock in the left side’s Freeloader pockets to help balance her
      weight out a little. Also, I have a Kick Back double kick stand. My pup
      Pandora could step into it without tipping the bike over when she was
      younger while the bike was free standing on its own, but now at over 40
      pounds I always watch to make sure she does not. It really depends on how
      enthusiastically she hops on. It is not a problem when I am straddling
      the bike without the kickstand. I just have to brace myself a little. She
      prefers to run on grass, so I have trained her pretty well to hop on or
      off by command when we are at a brief standing stop, and it has never
      been an issue.

      Again I hope all of this helps somehow, and I would definitely be
      interested in what you come up with. By the way there is also a nice
      gallery thread of a lot of Xtracycle/cargo bike dogs on dog.com, which
      you can see here:
      There is also a dogs-on-bikes discussion thread on the Xtracycle forums,
      but apart from my last entry it has not been added to since 2007.
      Either way maybe those can also give you some ideas too.

      Ride safe, both you and your K9 friend,
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