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13582Flight Deck and Whatchamacollars.

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  • phaedrus at yahoo
    Aug 2, 2011
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      For quite some time I've been running with whatchamacollars, and one of the first gen tek decks.

      I just switched from the tek deck to the flight deck and  have to say that my first impression is "wow".  The cargo area feels so much more solid and rigid.  It'll be a pain if/when I have to take the racks off, but so far, riding with it feels awesome.

      Now all I need is some sort of small tarp-ish thing that attaches over the top of the deck and openings of the free loaders so I can keep the monsoons from filling up the freeloaders as quickly.  

      Something wide enough to cover groceries on both sides but narrow enough that I can have it in place when one or both sides are mostly empty...

      Anyway, I've noted some concerns that people have had regarding the load on the bike being secure enough.  If the "tie down" effect of the freeloaders isn't enough, the whatchamacollars + flightdeck are certainly the cat's meow.

      Also, I'm digging the 2010 freeloader + p-rack combo that lets you pop a pannier on over the freeloaders.   For right now, that gives me the ability to get groceries in the rain.

      - phaedrus
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