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13527Seat to bolt on to snapdeck - Free + Shipping

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  • William Safranek
    Jul 17, 2011
    My boy is big enough that I don't need to use
    the seat that I was using for 2 or more years.  The seat is from a Bobike
    Maxi that was older and damaged.  I stripped off the metal and bolted it
    to the snapdeck with a couple of foam spacers helping keep it level.  Then
    I bolted the snapdeck to the v-racks using what I believe were called conduit
    clamps.  It was a nice set up but I don't need it anymore and I want to offer
    it here before I have to recycle it.  You'll have to look seat and decide
    for yourself whether or not it would work for you.  I felt it was a strong
    set up until my son got older and it seemed that one of the 4 conduit clamps
    was loose.  By then he was old enough for me to take off the seat and sit
    him on a padded snapdeck.  This is an easy place to start.  I'll send
    it to  whoever needs it for the cost of shipping.

    William Safranek