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13493Re: Step through longbike?

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  • lectroid94521
    Jul 6, 2011
      On stepping through generally, I have a hard time getting my leg over the top tube and my swoop tubed big dummmy has the scratches to prove it from my foot clipping the frame. Just poor flexibility on my part, but I also have the mass and upper body strength the wrestle the weight of my two kids (~70#s) which has a very high center of gravity and can really whip the frame around if they get very far off center.

      So mounting and dismounting isn't much of an issue for me, but the high center of gravity is very unforgiving and I would have to be much more careful if I weren't able to compensate.

      Then again, I guess that I would save every penny and get a center stand ASAP if it were an issue.
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