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13490Re: Step through longbike?

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  • David Dannenberg
    Jul 5 5:18 AM
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      I am a little confused by this discussion. Does the bike have a stand over height that does not allow you to straddle the top tube with both feet on the ground?

      I don't mount a bike by swinging my leg around and over--I am not limber or coordinated enough; nor do I mount by stepping on one peddle to gain momentum then swinging my other leg across while underway--just don't have the coordination or nerve. I simply step over the top tube by bending and lifting my leg, the way one might step over a low fence or shrub in one's path. Then I straddle the bike, and in the case of the BD, roll it forward to get it off the Kickback then go. Check how captains mount their tandems. Sure it is cool to swing one's leg horizontally over the handle bars-kind of like one of the Rocketts doing a turn with a leg stretched out--but it is easier to just bend your leg and reach over, maybe even tip the bike towards yourself to lower the tube.

      Of course if your stand over height is too high to straddle the bike, then ignore the foregoing. :)

      Oh, and if you mount a peg on the crank arm, won't it whack you in the ankle as you peddle?

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