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13489Re: Step through longbike?

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  • doreavc
    Jul 5, 2011
      > If your wife doesnt have a problem with body strength but her problem is strictly her height I may have a possible remedy(s).I have the Yuba Mundo and just went outside to try getting on it using one pedal.Of course the pedal was at the lowest height and I have the double legged kickstand called the "Stand Alone".I had no problem getting on the Yuba and it was firmly planted.I then looked at the Yuba for a few seconds and could see if one added a second pedal or foot peg up the pedal arm crank,that would allow placing your foot a bit higher to get up and over on the bike.A hole would need to be drilled but should work.
      > Another possibility is to install a foot platform just under the frame tube between the front tire and pedal crank.The platform would be just big enough to get part of your shoe on for using to lift your self up from a higher starting point.Like getting on a horse using the stirrup.The key for both remedies is having the wide version 2 legged kickstand.
      > After a few times of practicing getting on the bike it will go really fast with almost no tipping force.Good luck!

      Even with a little step, which is kind of a cute idea, she'd still have to swing her leg over the back if I'm understanding you right, and *that's* what we can't do, because our kids are pre-loaded on the back. As someone else mentioned, that's also the reason that very much tipping of the bike to get a leg over the top is problematic, though that's what she is doing right now, it just feels really iffy with the kids (though OK enough with cargo only). For those saying a double kickstand might make the difference, we already have a kickback, and while wonderful and I can't believe we ever loaded up kids without one, it is not making the difference for easy mounting.

      As far as altering the frame, our current frame is aluminum, so that's out in any case (and I'm guessing would cost as much as a replacement frame anyway).

      Thanks again all for the brainstorming, both on and off list, and especially to those of you with first-hand reports of what has worked for short riders (I'll also pass on that I heard from one 5' 1" rider who is able to step through the sun atlas with children loaded, which is encouraging).

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