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  • David Chase
    Jul 2 12:26 PM
      A couple of things:

      A Raleigh Venture 4.0 has a 20" step over, and disk tabs on the front wheel. I saw one at Harris. Not sure if he shock-fork has a lockout or not. (I think it doesn't).

      It's a bad idea to run a really fat tire on a relatively thing rim. http://gallery.mac.com/dr2chase/100060/IMG_4810/web.jpg?ver=13091391700001

      I had a thought on the bicycle mounting/dismounting -- it may be that the handlebars make a difference. I use upright bars, that are pretty much parallel to the top tube (and somewhat narrow). Velo-Orange/Nitto Montmartre bars. I think that is what makes it relatively easy to mount/dismount over the top tube. Even not doing fancy maneuvers, I think because they make it easy to control the bike, I just tilt the bike a little, and stick my leg over. And it turns out I can reverse the dismount; from the left side of the bike, with left pedal up, I step on the pedal to make the bike go, and get my right leg up and over the top tube.

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