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13461receiving, reassembling Xtracycle in Oakland

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  • Ben Rosenthal
    Jun 23, 2011
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      In a couple weeks, I'm moving to the Bay Area for the first time and it will be the second home ever for my Xtracycle, Theo, since I've spent the last five years living and working at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in northwest Connecticut. I'm going to get some help from Village Cycles in Millerton, New York, with disassembling and shipping Theo to his new neighborhood.

      I've reconfigured a standard bike box into the 47x28x12 dimensions of Cannondale boxes known to reduce UPS shipping costs and I just need to choose a destination. My initial home place will be two blocks east of Lake Merritt in Oakland and I figure I'm best off shipping to a bike shop since B2B shipping is less expensive. Beyond that, I'm open to either shipping to a shop that knows Xtracycles (e.g., Tip Top) and would like to reassemble mine, or picking up the box and getting help from a local fellow radical.

      Anyone have a recommendation? FYI: I'm planning to ship on Wednesday, July 6, so I'll expect to receive it around Wednesday the 13th. Also, I don't drive.


      - Ben
      Alive (and Pedaling) to Save the Planet
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