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13446Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Dog carrier w/ FIXED PHOTO LINKS (Sorry!)

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Jun 10, 2011
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      Just last week, I adopted a small dog, probably miniature schnauzer, and
      named him Snowy after the dog in the Tintin comics. Someone had given
      the little guy a haircut and then thrown him out onto the street. By
      the time I got Snowy, he had already started learning to be afraid of

      I've twice hauled Snowy to the vet on my bike. Being small and a little
      over 6 kg, he fits in a standard kitty carrier (he fills it up, but he
      can turn around). I installed a wide-loader on the right side and used
      one of the straps to hold the carrier in place. (I've got photos I need
      to post of two kitty carriers on that side for taking my cats to the vet.)

      Today on the way home from the vet, I raised the lid of the kitty
      carrier so Snowy could stick his head out. The tie strap went over the
      center of the carrier, essentially dividing that opening into two. I
      tied his leash to this strap, giving him enough leeway to turn around.
      It was loose enough he could jump out if he tried, but short enough to
      discourage him from doing that. Fortunately, he didn't even try. He's
      a good little dog.

      So, for those of you with smaller dogs, you don't need to build a
      chariot. Your carrying box can probably convert into one--especially if
      it has a door for access from the top. Snowy learned very quickly to
      jump in and out of the carrier through the door on the end.

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