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13380Re: [rootsradicals] Thoughts on way to go with 700c FreeRadical

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  • David Backeberg
    May 10, 2011
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      On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 2:10 PM, shrew13 <shrew13@...> wrote:
      >etc), so they look like they're out as well. I'm thinking about a couple of options and hoping >someone has tried one or more of the options below and can comment:

      I was in a similar boat several months ago.

      I worked out the math, and it was seeming like it was a better deal to
      buy a Radish than do all the work I was going to do to get my ride the
      way I wanted it.

      Then I talked it over with my trusted buddy at the LBS, and he
      convinced me that I should really go with a Big Dummy (complete)

      I'll tell you I'm not having a shimmy problem, it's a very nice ride,
      everything works like it should. It's a really great bike that I plan
      to ride for a long time.

      Only issues I can think about why you wouldn't do the Big Dummy
      * if your budget doesn't allow, but make sure you consider the entire
      budget, including the cost to get the parts you already have, and
      presumably could sell
      * if Surly / xtracycle doesn't have inventory on Big Dummy when you want it

      I put my order in Dec. 2010 and got my bike Mar. 2011.
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