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13377Thoughts on way to go with 700c FreeRadical

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  • shrew13
    May 10 11:10 AM
      Hey folks, I'm new to the list, but looks like some good ideas popping up around here. I stumbled on the list while doing some research on which way to jump with my 700c FreeRadical (FR). I'm hoping the experience of some folks here might help.

      I had my FR hooked up to an early 90s Bianchi Volpe and it was super fun for small stuff like a quick grocery run, but completely stunk for even moderately heavy stuff. A case of beer on each side scared me to death for the mile or so home. It wiggled and shimmied so much I thought I was going to end out on the ground, in traffic, or both.

      This weekend I picked up a used 26" disc equipped mountain bike (Banshee Viento) that I was going to swap the FR to. But I found that the 41cm minimum chainstay requirement for the 700c FR on the xtracycle website is a bit short - the Viento supposedly has 41.9cm chainstays but the FR tongue is going to have to be somewhere inside the seat tube for it to work. And I checked the geometry of a couple of other MTBs and found them similar (Surly 1X1, Redline Monocog 26, etc), so they look like they're out as well. I'm thinking about a couple of options and hoping someone has tried one or more of the options below and can comment:

      1) Sell the 700c FR and buy a 26" FR - not big on this idea since I know they've made some design changes in the FR and it looks like some bags don't fit older models, etc. This all fits together and works nicely other than the shimmy. Not to mention, I don't intend on carrying HUGELY heavy loads very often. More often it will be a 40 pound bag of dog food, a big bag of potting soil, my four year old and a couple of lawn chairs, or a run to the farmer's market.

      2) Sell the Banshee and my old Volpe, pick up a 700c frame like a Surly Cross Check, and build up a much heavier rear wheel. I'm thinking either a 36 hole XT hub, or possibly a 40 hole tandem hub re-spaced to 135mm, and lace it to a Velocity Deep V/Dyad/Mavic A719 using heavier spokes (DT Alpine?). That should leave a stiff frame, stiff rim, shorter spokes if I go with the Deep V, and provide a good bit of toughness while still being a bit more high speed friendly than a 26" wheeled setup since I don't usually carry big loads.

      3) Sell the Banshee and my old Volpe and pick up a Karate Monkey, use the 26" disc wheels that were on the Banshee (XT hubs laced to Sun Rhino Lite rims) and run huge 26" tires like the Big Apple to give me some suspension and provide a total diameter more like a 700c.

      Anybody got a thought?

      Thanks all!
      Lancaster, PA
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