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  • jparks781
    May 8, 2011
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      I would stay with the smaller bike, and if the seatpost is truly maxed out then just get a longer seatpost if you need more.

      If you thought the larger one was just a bit too big, then you won't be any happier when you've got the Xtracycle kit installed and it's loaded up and you're trying to get your foot over the top tube.

      Enjoy the ride!

      and Happy Mother's Day


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Amy E" <amy@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I've finally taken the leap and put my order in for my Free Radical kit last week. I cannot wait until it gets here!
      > I've always enjoyed biking but have only recently started to get serious about it. I have two sons (4 and 2), we have an old Burley trailer, but it'll be so nice to have the older one on the xtracycle (less fighting!). I'm hoping to be as car-free as possible this summer. We have great trails here in Anchorage!
      > I do have one question - does anyone have experience putting a free radical on a 15" frame? I purchased an entry level bike today to put the Free Radical on and, at the time, thought I was choosing between a 16" frame and a 17" frame. The 17" frame just felt a tiny bit too big, so I went with the smaller frame. The seatpost is about maxed out, but to me, it handled better. Anyways, we got home, took it for a ride, came back and I was looking at the paperwork and realized it was actually a 15" frame. My one and only hesitation is whether or not the frame size will be an issue once we go to put the Free Radical on. The bike shop did say they could exchange it for the 17" ("if I didn't ride it..."), but if I could, I'd rather stay with the smaller one. The bike is a Specialized Myka HT. Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions/advice!
      > Amy
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