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  • Mark Garvey
    Aug 1, 2007
      On 8/1/07, Rainbow Flight <kitesfun@...> wrote:
      Hey Mark
      Yep, I've caught myself with the wideloaders too...makes me realise how wide it is...
      Like you, I'm really loving my Stoked Xtra, as I bed in the batteries on low power, I'm still amazed at the difference it makes! Now I understand what David Holmgren (co-originater of Permaculture) meant when he said electric assist bicycles were a no-brainer (we should be using them)....Yeah!!

      I did the e-assist as a sort of experiment about 2 years ago and I have a sort of love/hate relationship going with it.  I have to say that years and years ago, I purchased a Vespa Caio mo-ped.  I have pretty much always loved anything with two wheels (I still have and ride my ancient honda 125S motorcycle) especially bicycles.  And the idea of having a bicycle with something to push up hills was intriguing.  unfortunately, the Caio was a horrible motorcycle and a worse bicycle.  someone stole it and good luck to him!

      But the electric assist motor adds 8 lbs to the bike which doesn't make me happy, the 20 lb battery is worse, though I can in time replace that with a hi tech battery that weighs 1/3 of that which will be far more acceptable.

      The GOOD thing is that on level ground and on downhills, the motor and battery make ZERO difference.  Going up hill is where they make a difference, and with an electric assist, you can use it when you need it and not have an annoying little motor rattling away under you.   Plus the e-motor is nearly silent.  Hidden as it is under the bags you can barely hear it whining away as you pedal up hill at 10-12 mph!

      It is light enough that if something untoward should happen and you lose power or something breaks (so far nothing has thank the Gods!) you can still pedal it and very easily at that.  It is still an effective bicycle but enhanced.

      What this means is that I simply use my bicycle MORE than I would otherwise.  I would use it a lot anyway, but there are days when the thought of the big hills on the way to work is daunting!  the motor cuts about 10 minutes off my commute, making the bicycle only a bit slower than my car or motorcycle.  (car/motorcycle 15 minutes, bicycle 25-30 minutes over 7 miles)

      The setup may not be for EVERYONE, but while i am still somewhat bothered by the "purist" angle (I LOVE a nice, clean and light bicycle!!!) I can't bring myself to remove it and not use it.  Even though I use the motor only a small percentage of the time.

      Best of all, with the X, the motor is hidden under the back and totally out of sight.  yeah, it is "legal" no problem there honestly, most states have OKed up to 750 watts and 20 mph under power alone as a "bicycle", but I get a few comments of "cheater" (what?  is this a competition?  are there RULES???) and all, but I use mine like a bicycle and it works well.  I still hate the extra weight, but it serves a purpose!

      Putting the fun in dysfunctional for over 50 years!

      Mark  Garvey
      Cedar Rapids, Iowa free state!

      Check out the web site at:

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      I am a bicycling lifestylist!
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