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13237Re: Xtracycle, nuvinci, kickback, and chain routing

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  • reallyusefulbikes
    Mar 31, 2011
      zip ties on the bit where the chain rubs the frame works...or the terracycle idler is a nice solution. We have tried both...both good...Zip ties cheaper....!!

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Youngstrom <jeffy@...> wrote:
      > Hey shiny people,
      > I'm on the verge of treating my Trek 6500 + freeradical to a new set of
      > wheels with an N360 IGH.
      > I've read enough discussion here on the list about this combination to know
      > that it can be done.
      > Since the Trek has vertical dropouts, I understand I'll need a chain
      > tensioner of some kind.
      > What I don't quite get is how the fixed chainline interacts with the
      > kickback stand. Sounds like I have to do something to make that work. Looks
      > like one option is the Terracycle idler kit http://tinyurl.com/xidler or
      > conceivably the Big Dummy version http://tinyurl.com/bdidler
      > Anyway, this seems like it's going to get kinda complicated. Is anybody
      > running the nuvinci with a kickback on an xtracycle conversion who can let
      > me know how they addressed these issues and how it's working for them?
      > Thanks!
      > Jeff
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