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13234Xtracycle, nuvinci, kickback, and chain routing

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  • Jeff Youngstrom
    Mar 30, 2011
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      Hey shiny people,

      I'm on the verge of treating my Trek 6500 + freeradical to a new set of wheels with an N360 IGH.

      I've read enough discussion here on the list about this combination to know that it can be done.

      Since the Trek has vertical dropouts, I understand I'll need a chain tensioner of some kind.

      What I don't quite get is how the fixed chainline interacts with the kickback stand. Sounds like I have to do something to make that work. Looks like one option is the Terracycle idler kit http://tinyurl.com/xidler or conceivably the Big Dummy version http://tinyurl.com/bdidler

      Anyway, this seems like it's going to get kinda complicated. Is anybody running the nuvinci with a kickback on an xtracycle conversion who can let me know how they addressed these issues and how it's working for them?


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