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  • Larry Clarkberg
    Mar 10, 2011
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      Welcome Rob. I started out on the cargo biking path with a road bike and a B.O.B. trailer. I never ended up using the trailer much. (The big yellow waterproof bag that came with it was a big hit though!) I think just the minor inconvenience of having to hook it up before a ride to the grocery store made me avoid using it. Now that I have a Big Dummy I've never looked back. And after adding a Stokemonkey motor a couple of years ago I now have a vehicle that would be difficult to match for utility-per-weight value. I'm getting into the electric side of electric cargo biking. I have to say I've been spending more time on http://visforvoltage.org/ and http://endless-sphere.com/forums/ than this forum, and I'm using my soldering iron more than my allen wrenches.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "rltilley" <rltilley@...> wrote:
      > Just thought I'd introduce myself as I just joined the list. I've been cycling for years & have a number of bikes but it seems that reality has struck hard lately & I have become virtually a 100% utility cyclist.
      > I have various panniers, saddlebags, racks, trailers, etc. but I never seem to have the right combination of bike + bag to get what I need home without overstuffing a bag or ending up having to carry grocery bags on the handlebars.
      > I finally had enough & purchased a Big Dummy. I should have the fork installed this weekend & I will take my maiden trip on it then as well (likely to the liquor store for a nice assortment of bombers). Hoping to learn from the cargo bike veterans & hope to have my own advice to give soon as well.
      > Robert Tilley
      > San Diego, CA
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