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130Selling low cost Xtracycles in Kisumu, Kenya

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  • Paul Freedman
    Mar 4, 2006
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      Dear Roots Radicals,

      Live from Kisumu, Kenya, I invite you to follow the progress of
      Worldbike in Kenya through our project blog: www.worldbike.org

      Worldbike was formerly known as Xtracycle Access Foundation. We are
      the nonprofit sister company of Xtracycle, responsible for
      distributing low cost, high-quality utility bicycles for job
      in developing countries. Some of you also know me as Fossil Fool,
      bike rapper, and inventor of the Down Low Glow and Soul Cycle bike
      audio systems. Although I have sometimes felt these two
      entrepreneurial efforts pull me in divergent directions of bling and
      compassion, I have to say that my current trip to Kenya has been a
      great example of convergence. The Boda Boda bicycle taxi operators
      Kisumu absolutely love the DLG and the Soul Cycle! We are planning
      host a bike show in two weeks and give the DLG as prizes to the Boda
      Boda's with the most creative decorations, and the ones who win the
      loading/unloading competition.

      During the next three weeks, it would be great if you could help us
      generate some grassroots publicity for our project. We have a great
      story to tell, and it's time for us to get the word out through the
      media. Do you have a contact at NPR or Mother Jones? Why not pass on
      our web site and help us get our story heard!

      I'll be back in the US on April 2nd.
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