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12917Re: [rootsradicals] angle iron thickness

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  • Rick
    Nov 30, 2010
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      The aluminum angle iron should cover you fine. Just make sure you're using 3/8" or thicker for the aluminum stock.

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      On Nov 30, 2010, at 2:31 PM, Jeff Lesperance wrote:


      I've done it with aluminum angle iron (to attach freerad to an Electra Straight 8 - very wide chainstays). I picked it up at Home Depot for under $10 and used a dremel to cut it to length, and to cut a small opening to allow fore/aft adjustment of the tongue, then dipped the ends in plasti-dip. I can dig it out (no longer installed on the Straight 8) to measure size/thickness and take some pics later tonight.

      On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 4:48 PM, jj velvetackbar <jj@...> wrote:

      So my wife's ride is a stoked X attached to a Electra Amsterdam 8speed. Overall, it works well, but we heard some odd noises and rode it down to Clevercycles only for them to discover that the kickstand mount bracket had cracked away from the main frame of the bicycle.

      Perhaps this was wishful thinking anyway: Ultimately, using the kickstand bracket was a sub-optimal solution to begin with as the space is too wide for a FAP plate, and the kickstand bracket wasn't strong enough and was oddly position right out of the gate.

      Todd at Clever suggested Angle iron, and fashioning a FAP plate from that. I generally like that idea, and am sourcing out 316 stainless angle, but since I have no stainless on hand, I am not sure what to order: my hunch says that .75 with 1/8" width would work, but thats just a hunch on my part.

      option #2 is to use square iron, stainless and notch it to accept tongue and bolts, but thats 4x the price of angle.

      Anyone have any experience crafting new FAPS? what did you come up with that worked?

      Oh, and a local welder quoted me $150, so that isn't going to happen :-(


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