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12856RE: [rootsradicals] PDW Radbot 1000 on Sale

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  • Matthew Brealey
    Nov 8, 2010

      I have a Magicshine MJ-818 on my Ute (mounted using the supplied o-ring to the rack)


      It runs off a custom 4x18650 (lithium) battery pack

      I bought mine as a set with battery pack and charger for $58 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.42077


      Battery life is around nine hours, then it switches to blinking mode before dying several hours later.


      They are 85 lumens. 3 Watts.


      They are pretty blindingly bright:




      Reliability is from what I’ve heard questionable – if you want quality, then Dinotte is the way to go:


      140L:  $120 (uses AA batteries (not supplied) in a supplied pouch) – 140 lumens

      300R: $200 (integrated battery, USB charging)  - 300 lumens

      400R: $229 (with 2-cell battery – 400 lumens


      There are some shots of the 140L against the MJ-818 here http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=620340



      PBSF: ½ watt

      Radbot 1000: 1W

      M7-818: 3W

      Dinotte 140L: 3W, but with better optics


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      Rich -


      I've been using a couple Radbot 500's for a few months now. I tried them because of the reflectors - they are a legal requirement here. The 500's are approximately 500 less rad than the 1000's, give or take. They are less bright, but I hear that the batteries last longer.


      I love these things. They do everything I need, and the price is way better than a Dinotte or equivalent. Plus, they are Rad. I'll probably try a 1000 just so I can retaliate and blind some friends that use Dinotte taillights. They deserve some cheap competition.





      In a message dated 11/7/2010 2:50:30 P.M. Central Standard Time, astronut1001@... writes:

      Amazon currently has this taillight for $21.02. List on the PDW web site is $32. It is considerably brighter than the Planet Bike Superflash (PBSF) and has a built-in EU legal reflector. If you do not ride in a group this is a great taillight but it is probably too bright for following cyclists when group riding.

      I have several of them and the latest one has a revised blink mode that Portland Dersign Works refers to as the "cornea blitz" mode. This replaces a mode that was 1 long blink and 3 shorter ones, repeated. The other modes, continuous on and blink mode, are unchanged. The cornea blitz mose is a fairly high speed flashing mode with what appears to me to be a randomly variable flashing intensity.

      To me one advantage over the PBSF is that the body and cover are screwed together so it takes a philips screwdriver to change the battery. IMO much less chance of losing part of the light, a reported problem with the PBSF.

      BTW the PBSF and Radbot 1000 use the same mounts so are interchangeable on a bike which has the PBSF mount already. The Radbot 1000 includes seatpost, seatstay and rack mounts.


      Rich Wood


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