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12853Re: PDW Radbot 1000 on Sale

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  • anthony_coley
    Nov 8 7:51 AM
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      Wow! That's a great deal on a great light!

      IMO, the "cornea blitz" mode sounds like a nice improvement over the Pop mode, or whatever it's called in the first gen. I've always wished mine had a faster flashing mode.

      I will add that the Radbot 1000 really chews up batteries, so you should invest in some rechargeables.... yeah, that prob, goes without saying...

      It seems I'm recharging my Radbot 1000 weekly, where I was recharging my PBSF every two weeks. I guess The Pop takes a lot of juice.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Rich" <astronut1001@...> wrote:
      > Amazon currently has this taillight for $21.02. List on the PDW web site is $32. It is considerably brighter than the Planet Bike Superflash (PBSF) and has a built-in EU legal reflector. If you do not ride in a group this is a great taillight but it is probably too bright for following cyclists when group riding.
      > I have several of them and the latest one has a revised blink mode that Portland Dersign Works refers to as the "cornea blitz" mode. This replaces a mode that was 1 long blink and 3 shorter ones, repeated. The other modes, continuous on and blink mode, are unchanged. The cornea blitz mose is a fairly high speed flashing mode with what appears to me to be a randomly variable flashing intensity.
      > To me one advantage over the PBSF is that the body and cover are screwed together so it takes a philips screwdriver to change the battery. IMO much less chance of losing part of the light, a reported problem with the PBSF.
      > BTW the PBSF and Radbot 1000 use the same mounts so are interchangeable on a bike which has the PBSF mount already. The Radbot 1000 includes seatpost, seatstay and rack mounts.
      > http://www.amazon.com/Portland-Design-Works-Radbot-Light/dp/B0030BS30K/ref=pd_sim_sg_1
      > Rich Wood
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