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12717Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Suggestions for bike compatible with Xtracycle

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  • Morganverbena
    Oct 5, 2010
      I have both a Madsen and a Big Dummy, and have two (large) children. The Madsen excels at child-hauling...the kids get to face each other and play, and only need jackets and a blanket to be warm in the winter. Plus, the younger one can fall asleep on the seat without being in any danger of falling out.

      I, however, far prefer to ride the Big Dummy. Even with both the kids (which together weigh 170 lbs), I enjoy riding moderate distances without an electric assist. On the Madsen however, I feel like I need an electric assist to enjoy the ride, and can barely sustain 7 or 8 mph without it. On Xena (the bd) I can sustain 12 mph on the flats without straining, with both kids. And Xena is also more versatile...I can carry 4 bags of groceries *and* the kids. On the Madsen, the kids fill up the bucket and don't allow for much more cargo (though I have a big wire basket in front that helps with that).

      I'm actually about to sell my madsen, so if anyone's interested, give me a ring :)

      Morgan S.
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      From: "evanfhlewis" <evanlewis1@...>
      Date: Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010 6:59 pm
      Subject: [rootsradicals] Re: Suggestions for bike compatible with Xtracycle
      To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.comReply-To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com

      Hey there,

      I happen to be new to the world of cargo bikes (read: not remotely as well or technically versed as most of the people on this list) but I am the recent owner of both a 2010 Kona Ute as well as a 2010 Big Dummy, both of which I use to haul my kid(s) around.

      IMHO, the Ute is an excellent choice in terms of cost and usability. but seems to lack the longer-term adaptability of something like the Big Dummy. Both are easy to ride, easy on the eyes and can haul a moderate (Ute) to large (BD) amount of stuff.

      In terms of hauling kids, I have a toddler and an infant so for now, when I haul both, I use a Chariot kid carrier. When it's just the toddler, she sits on the deck with a Stoker bar but for NYC riding, I am adding bars to keep her more locked into the deck.

      Overall, I think that if you don't have a bike stand in your basement and a full set of tools, then my guess is that the seemingly larger initial cost of something like the Ute or Big Dummy would shrink rapidly as you accounted for the time and parts required to build out something like a Free Radical. As for the Madsen and Yuba, I love the idea of the Madsen and think that it's probably great for moving kids around. But I would be surprised (disclaimer: I have NOT test ridden the Madsen) if it's comfortable for longer rides.

      Sorry for the ramble - hope any/some of it helps.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, 'patel_rahul' <patelrahul@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the input everyone. To add a few parameters:
      > * I do not have a donor bike. I would prefer a used donor bike since that would bring the cost down.
      > * I am 5'8', so I am guessing that 26' would be the best fit.
      > * I am in Orange County, CA.
      > Comparing the cost of the Radish vs setting up the Xtracycle myself, I see that there's not much difference. However, the Radish is sold out till Feb 2011, and I can't wait that long.
      > A local bike shop does carry the Yuba Mondo. I haven't tried it out yet, however, reading from the reviews I get an impression that the bike would be a bit heavy for my size (5'8', 145 lbs). Any thoughts on that?
      > I have also inquired about the 2011 Kona Ute. But no one has them in stock right now. What are the feelings on the Ute? Thanks again.

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