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12709Re: Suggestions for bike compatible with Xtracycle

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  • Rich
    Oct 5, 2010
      The Ute is popular enough so that Xtracycle is now carrying some accessories for it. Check dealers for a 2010 model as you might get it at a discount. Fewer cargo & passenger hauling accessories are available for it compared to the Xtracycle or Mundo so far as I know.

      26" is wheel size, not frame size. Bikes with either wheel size can have frames in different sizes to fit most people. 26" or MTB wheels were mentioned due to those being what the Freeradical is designed for. Use of 700c wheels restricts tire size and requires either a disc rear brake or a adapter to reposition the V brake arms to work with the larger wheel.

      For two kids, depending on age, consider the Madsen. They list discounts on their web site for ones with moderate cosmetic shipping damage and the savings can be substantial.

      Rich Wood

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "patel_rahul" <patelrahul@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the input everyone. To add a few parameters:
      > * I do not have a donor bike. I would prefer a used donor bike since that would bring the cost down.
      > * I am 5'8", so I am guessing that 26" would be the best fit.
      > * I am in Orange County, CA.
      > Comparing the cost of the Radish vs setting up the Xtracycle myself, I see that there's not much difference. However, the Radish is sold out till Feb 2011, and I can't wait that long.
      > A local bike shop does carry the Yuba Mondo. I haven't tried it out yet, however, reading from the reviews I get an impression that the bike would be a bit heavy for my size (5'8", 145 lbs). Any thoughts on that?
      > I have also inquired about the 2011 Kona Ute. But no one has them in stock right now. What are the feelings on the Ute? Thanks again.
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