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12708Re: Suggestions for bike compatible with Xtracycle

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  • patel_rahul
    Oct 5, 2010
      Thanks for the input everyone. To add a few parameters:

      * I do not have a donor bike. I would prefer a used donor bike since that would bring the cost down.

      * I am 5'8", so I am guessing that 26" would be the best fit.

      * I am in Orange County, CA.

      Comparing the cost of the Radish vs setting up the Xtracycle myself, I see that there's not much difference. However, the Radish is sold out till Feb 2011, and I can't wait that long.

      A local bike shop does carry the Yuba Mondo. I haven't tried it out yet, however, reading from the reviews I get an impression that the bike would be a bit heavy for my size (5'8", 145 lbs). Any thoughts on that?

      I have also inquired about the 2011 Kona Ute. But no one has them in stock right now. What are the feelings on the Ute? Thanks again.
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