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12685Re: [rootsradicals] Want a hard pannier on the BD - any ideas?

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  • Vik Banerjee
    Sep 24, 2010
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      Here are some ideas:

      - Pelican cases are very tough and waterproof so if you can get a mounting system you are happy with I'd consider them
      - military ammo cans come in all sizes and are even tougher, but heavier
      - almost any motorcycle top case will work.  Should come with a mounting plate you can bolt to your snapdeck.  Should lock and pop on and off easy.

      On 2010-09-24, at 5:25 AM, Adam wrote:


      Hi all,

      I'd like to rig up a hard case on my Big Dummy for camera gear and other items that either need some protection from the elements or simply for things I'd like to leave safely on the bike. I've seen a video online about using a pelican case along with Ortlieb pannier mounts, but I'm looking for something a little more burly. Having been a long-time BMW motorcycle rider, what I would really like is something like their lockable pannier. They store a fair amount of stuff, lock, and nicest of all come on and off easily (though this isn't a requirement for me right now). It might be as simple as a Pelican case bolted onto the frame - I'm just in an exploratory phase right now..

      I'd love to hear any stories, ideas, insights.


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