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12546Re: [rootsradicals] Alfine 11 Speed Data Sheet.

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  • David Chase
    Aug 31, 2010
      On 2010-08-31, at 7:07 PM, Vik Banerjee wrote:

      > I've done loaded touring, mtn biking and other madness on my Surly Pugsley with an Alfine [8 spd] setup with an illegal F32T R21T ratio. Gearing is nice and low....I've had zero problems with it. My buddy has the same setup on an identical bike and also has no issues.
      > I'll be gearing my Alfine 11 [when I get one] with a lower illegal ratio as well.

      Since I a-sploded an SRAM iMotion 9, I'm a little wary of exceeding the manufacturer's recommendations. I'm "making do" with an Alfine 8 right now, but it is somewhat comforting to hear that you have been doing abusive product testing with no bad results (yet).

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