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12328Re: [rootsradicals] Bungees vs Cam Straps and Rope

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  • phaedrus at yahoo
    Aug 6, 2010
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      I really like Rok Straps - the ones using loops rather than hooks.

      They saved my backside on a motorcycle trip when I rolled in the
      middle of nowhere ripping a bunch of stuff off my bike.  My buddy had
      a bunch of them and was more or less able to temporarily strap my
      motorcycle together with them long enough to get us the 50 miles or so
      to civilization.

      I got a bunch of varying sizes and use them regularly on the cargo
      bike and trailer.
      Basically, they're a webbing strap with a loop at each end to connect
      to your vehicle like xtracycle's cam straps do.   They connect
      together with a standard nylon buckle.  What makes them different is
      while the one side has the standard nylon buckle/webbing strap length
      adjustment, the other side is a flat bungee like material.  The idea
      is you don't stretch them ridiculously like people do with bungee
      cords - you adjust the strap length so that you're putting a 25% or so
      stretch on the bungee portion and then that bit of stretch adds
      tension to keep your load secure. They also don't have the pirate eye
      making hooks. We did learn the hard way if your straps aren't long
      enough and you DO over stretch the bungee, be very very careful when
      releasing the tension as the long end can come around with quite some
      speed. A nylon buckle to the nads at high velocity may not cause
      serious injury, but its not pleasant. I've since solved that problem
      by not over stretching them.

      They're a bit pricey for a job that can pretty much be replicated with
      inner tubes and rope, but if you've got them, they're great.

      I've been trying to convince my LBS to carry them.  I'd bet xtracycle
      branded ones would sell as well ;)


      If you scroll down a bit, I use the cruiser, the motorcycle, and the pack adj.

      - phaedrus

      On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 7:40 PM, Pete B <nackterman@...> wrote:
      > Definitely a bias against bungee cords by me.
      > Hooks and rotating masses have a gravitational attractiveness that doubles with speed ;-)
      > My preference is for cam straps and the occasional ratchet tie-down.
      > I have seen Joel (from Human Powered Cycles) do amazing load tiedowns (and temp construction) with old inner tubes.
      > but I do like the neatness of straps.
      > Pete.B
      > 'Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization' : George Bernard Shaw
      > On 6 August 2010 03:36, jenstheblackdane <public@...> wrote:
      >> Is there a bias in the the Roots Rads community against Bungees?
      >> And if so, why?
      >> No judgement either way!
      >> Securing a load on any vehicle is an art form - even more so on a bike.
      >> I'd love to hear some of our Roots Rads "Artists" discuss their preferred "mediums" (bungee, rope, straps, dental floss, etc.) and how/why they came settle on them.
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