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12325Re: [rootsradicals] Bungees vs Cam Straps and Rope

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  • Pete B
    Aug 5, 2010
      Definitely a bias against bungee cords by me.

      Hooks and rotating masses have a gravitational attractiveness that doubles with speed ;-)

      My preference is for cam straps and the occasional ratchet tie-down.

      I have seen Joel (from Human Powered Cycles) do amazing load tiedowns (and temp construction) with old inner tubes.
      but I do like the neatness of straps.
      'Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization' : George Bernard Shaw

      On 6 August 2010 03:36, jenstheblackdane <public@...> wrote:

      Is there a bias in the the Roots Rads community against Bungees?
      And if so, why?

      No judgement either way!

      Securing a load on any vehicle is an art form - even more so on a bike.

      I'd love to hear some of our Roots Rads "Artists" discuss their preferred "mediums" (bungee, rope, straps, dental floss, etc.) and how/why they came settle on them.

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