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12324Re: [rootsradicals] Bungees vs Cam Straps and Rope

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  • Rick Pickett
    Aug 5, 2010
      cam straps only, did the bungees when I was afflicted with short bikeitis.

      I keep two on my Big Dummy. They are always attached, front and aft of the v-racks. The cam sides are on my drive side and hang down inside my freeloaders, the strap ends are on the non drive side and tied together in the not that unravels when you pull on the loose end. Allows me to form an X on top of whatever cargo I have.

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      On Aug 5, 2010, at 4:34 PM, ama3655@... wrote:


      I also use cam straps. I keep 6 on the bike at all times. I have a few more available for unusual loads if needed. 550 cord takes care of other stuff, it has to be pretty weird to need the 550 cord. Never lost a load yet, knock wood.
      I have used bungees to strap light loads to the front rack, but avoid them whenever possible. The springy hook thing scares me.

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