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12292Re: [rootsradicals] PeaPod LT

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  • Shannon
    Aug 1 9:03 AM
      I checked out both in person and went with the Bobike, and have been very happy with it. The Bobike did seem like it would be easier for a bigger kid with no crossbar and I really appreciated the minimalist design as the Peapod seemed like an awful big hunk of plastic. My plastic/landfill footprint, if you will, is always a big consideration in what I buy. Safety didn't really strike me as being more or less, though I suppose it could be a little more protective. I did allow my bike to fall over once and my son was fine, for what its worth. The Bobike does not interfer with panniers, hangs over the deck a bit but is not attached. The seat back has been easy for my older son to hold onto.
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