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11965Re: [rootsradicals] 200 pound capacity cargo bike

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  • MH
    Jul 10, 2010
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      I'd be interested in a video of a BD or Radish or an X
      carrying 200 pounds by a cyclist that weighs half that.
      Kind of like the Yuba Mundo cyclist weighed half the
      400 pound load on the youtube video. Does that sound
      fair enough? That would be like me trying to pedal a
      600 pound load since I weigh 280. I wonder if I could
      do that. Whats the load capacity of the Madisen cargo
      bike? I thought I read 271 kg. That I'd like to watch.

      16 gauge bicycle tubing most be pretty heavy duty.
      What gauge tubing is on the X, Radish & BD or even
      the Yuba Mundo or Madisen? Those were some pretty
      good sized 13 gauge spokes on the WBR Zambia bike.
      I've got 32 - 14 gauge spokes on my bicycles and
      I carried me, 305 pounds three months ago, with
      60 pounds of cargo. My bicycles most weigh 40-45
      pounds with racks & basket. When grocery shopping
      I also pull a 25 pound trailer and carry home 25-45
      pounds of food for the month.

      How many ply tire is a Schwalbe Big Apple 60x559mm?
      I'm using some MTB tires now that are 59x559mm.
      I think there 2 ply but don't really know.
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