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11849Re: Is it possible to convert an Xtracycle into a microcar?

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  • Jenny
    Jun 14, 2010
      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "lclarkberg" <larry@...> wrote:

      > The vehicle I have in mind would be slow and (relatively) heavy and utilitarian. Maybe those factors would help prevent it from being blown over. I've also been wondering if there was a way to add some more wheels to an Xtracycle to make it more stable in wind and on ice and the Cargo Monster looks like a good approach. I will put it on my xmas wish list :-).
      It looks a bit stretched out and low down for my liking. Think of a shorter version, made to attach to a standard Xtracycle, with the rider sitting upright at about normal chair height just in front of the snapdeck, batteries and motor below the seat. It would be not much longer than a Dutch bike.
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