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11650Re: Disposable battery taillights review

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  • Rich
    May 2, 2010
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      I suspect that the Radbot flashing mode is designed at least partly to conserve batteries. AAA batteries have very little capacity compared to AA size, about 30 to 40% as much. If run continuously at full rated power of the LED, 1 watt, the run time of the Radbot would be about 1 hour. The flashing mode is distinctive though probably less so than the Superflash with the secondary LEDs that are only used in flashing mode.

      This makes me suspicious of the actual driving current to the LED in continuous burn mode. The LED cannot be running at anything near full rated power. Still quite bright though.

      BTW these power comments also apply to ALL of the AAA battery high power taillights. None are having their LEDs driven at full power or their bttery lives would be unacceptably short.

      To me the ideal consumablle battery taillight would have the following characteristics.

      1. Bright
      2. Distinctive and clearly noticeable blinking pattern(s) available. Use secondary LEDs if required, as in the Superflash, for the most noticeable flashing modes possible.
      3. Broad beam to the rear.
      4. Very wide angle of view secondary LEDs positioned on the sides for side safety lights.
      5. Preferably use AA batteries for longer run time and more power available.

      All current battery lights fall short in respect to items 3 and 4 IMO.

      Rich Wood

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "speedub_nate" <speedub.nate@...> wrote:
      > There are some videos of the Radbot vs. the Superflash on YouTube. It certainly is brighter than the Superflash, but its flashing mode is curious. I'll have to check one out in person. I imagine Planet Bike will have a Superflash update in the coming months.
      > The Cateye random mode is useless to me. I believe the two rows are on independent circuits and move in and out of phase. While this looks good in the store, out on the street at night is loses visual contrast and doesn't broadcast that "punch" of light to grab a motorists attention, which is why I love the Superflash so dearly.
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