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11636Re: Thinking ahead to 3 kids

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  • gcisler
    May 1, 2010
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      I'm just getting around to reading this, but wanted to chime in:

      I regularly pull my 5 yr old twins in the trailer with the xtracycle reserved for the wife, when the timing is right. I know the trailer option isn't what you were asking about, Elise, but I find it handles very well and doesn't end up being crowded in the slightest bit. Three kids on the deck doesn't strike me as all that comfortable for them at all, especially if they're big like you say.

      In a similar vein, does anyone have a solution for mounting a trail-a-bike with the freeradical? As my kids get too tall for the trailer, and they want to ride, I'm loath to give up my cargo bike!

      Off to enjoy the wonderful Boston weather today!


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "elise_giddings" <elists@...> wrote:
      > Hey all-
      > The recent posts about carrying 2 kids got me thinking ahead a bit. I've got a 6-yr old and twin 2-yr olds. Currently I've got a Madsen and am riding them around in that which is the only good solution I could find for everyone. Although the bike has its advantages, I'd love to get back to something that rides a little nicer, like a Big Dummy or maybe a Yuba.
      > Has anyone tried 3 kids on the back sans child seats? I know this wouldn't work well when they are in the seats still, but I'm thinking about when they can all sit on the deck. I feel like this would be a no-brainer if we lived in another country, but that in the US, people might frown upon a gaggle of kids free loading on the back. (of course, there is a woman who rides by the shop every morning with her ~6r old child standing on the dropped top tube of her bike and holding onto the handlebar while she pedals, so maybe our standards here are a little bit relaxed...).
      > My oldest can ride her own bike a good ways now, but we have one section of busy road about a mile long that has zero room for error, so she won't be able to do that for awhile still (unfortunately). So, likely we'll have a few years where everyone will still need a ride from Mom.
      > Interestingly, one of the twins (2.5 yr old) will hold onto the stoker bar of my partner's Big Dummy and stay on the bike well, especially if big sister is behind her. The other one though has little focus for that kind of thing and would probably just try to climb off the bike or some other funny business if not secured.
      > I'm sure there's someone out there who's thought about this problem before - that's why I love this group!
      > -Elise
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